Sunday, April 22, 2007

Donation Target Made, new Intel Mac Purchased.

Here's the Mac mini that Love bought.

Thanks to all who donated! Didn't know you could donate? The page is here: Donations Page

Anyway, we met the goal and I purchased a new Intel Mac mini (refurbished) from the Apple Store. I'll be installing the developer tools, moving my Fetch Art development files over and starting on development of an Intel compatible version of Fetch Art ASAP.

Thanks again for your generous donations. I put in a little over $130 of my own money too to get a slightly upgraded Mac mini. If you wish to donate, additional funds I receive will go to upgrading the RAM and CPU.

I've unpacked the new computer (as the picture shows) and am currently running software update to get the latest updates from Apple. offline temporarily

My primary server is being moved (for more storage and bandwidth). However, that means will be offline.

I see GoDaddy has put up a generic "parked" page temporarily.

Anyway, have no fear that once the DNS and server settings are all completed, Fetch Art will be available for download again, and I'll be releasing more news about updates!

UPDATE: 4/23/2007 and Fetch Art have been moved to my new servers and are back online.

Initial Post

Updates coming soon. This will only be here until I've got my files moved to my new server...