Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Want to beta test?

With my last release, version 1.3.11, almost all users have reported that Fetch Art is working for them.

A few people, however, are still reporting errors. If you are interested in beta testing the next version AND you currently have a problem running the 1.3.11 version, then you can try downloading my new 1.3.12 beta version.

If you are able to run 1.3.11 fine, then do NOT try this beta version. It may contain new bugs, and it may download inaccurate art.

If you install this and get an error message, please try to email me a screenshot of the error. I really would like to see the name of the track it was attempting to download as well as the error message, so try to move the error dialog up or to the side so I can read both dialogs if they overlap.

If you see the unicode error (i.e. tracks that have special characters or accents) on the 1.3.11 version, please try this new beta version and if you still see the error, send me a screenshot that includes the track name. One of my goals with the next release is to fully support all characters and accents supported by iTunes.


Beta download


Skintight Tamper Bunny said...

i have been using the latest version, but i have very limited success finding the right covers. are there any tricks i should use before making a fetch art request?

Michael said...

I also have trouble finding artwork sometimes... often it doesn't return anything even though my tags seem right and I can see the art on amazon.

Also, is it best to copy the art to all the songs in the album or is just one ok? I've noticed if I copy to just one, then the coverflow works for the whole album.