Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fetch Art Not Yet Compatible with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

Just to follow up. I finally got Leopard installed on all of my Macs, including my only Intel one generously purchased through donations. And I can say that Fetch Art does not work with Leopard.

It will take me about a week (with Thanksgiving coming up, maybe a bit longer) to debug and release a new version.

Keep watching this space for updates.

BTW for those of you like me who hadn't updated Adobe Phototshop since version 7, well it doesn't appear to work under Leopard either, so I guess all of us holdouts will be buying that Photoshop 10 (CS 3) upgrade.


Anonymous said...

Not working here, makes an error when copying, find them fine though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work. The artwork shows fine but copying to itunes fails. In a MacBook Pro and Leopard.

Icarus said...

Too bad about this. I just discovered it today, and I'm running Leopard.

I'm looking forward to the new release!

Samo said...

Hi, Unfortunately, I discovered by myself that Fetch Art does not work with Leopard yet.
Hence, I decided to uninstall FA. It did uninstall properly, except that I still have the Fetch Art script in the Itune's menu bar. I tried to find the script using spotlight but nothing poped up when I type Fetch art in it. Do you have any instruction to help me?
Thanks a lot. Looking forward to installing the new version of Fetch Art.

igordon said...

Works fine finding the artwork in Leopard, but yes, does not copy to iTunes. Future considerations for searching.... Would be nice if it also copied across an album name... for those tunes that do not have an album name tag with it.

igordon said...
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René said...

Great work! As Leopard user, I am looking forward to see the compatible version.

HeyHey said...

great plugin. please update for leopard soon. not much else to compete with fetch art, so stuck until you repair.

Adam Furgal said...

I hate to post a "me too" type of comment -- but I am eagerly awaiting a fix, looking forward to fixing all my art! Are there any other similar OSX album art tools out there?

Aric said...

@ samo

You can find uninstallation instructions here.

Munchkin said...

Nope, doesn't work with Leopard. But while waiting for an update, there is a work-around:
1) Select a song or songs from the *same* album.
2) Launch Fetch Art to go fetch the album art.
3) Assuming Fetch Art finds the right artwork, click on the first song in the Fetch Art dialogue and click on the "Copy to iTunes" button. This will produce an error message.
4) Click the "OK" button on the error message, then,
5) Quit Fetch Art from the "File" menu. This sends the artwork to the trash.
6) Go to the trash and drag & drop the artwork on to the album art window in iTunes. Done!
7) Empty the trash.

Dr Bernard Betts said...

Any Leopard compatibility yet? Happy New Year!

Aric said...

@ Dr. Betts... Yes, check out my latest post at New Version is Compatible and you'll see there is a new version that is Leopard compatible!

Munchkin said...

Yup, te new version 1.4 seems to be working just great, at least on my Intel iMac and PowerBook Pro. Thanks for the update!

javieth said...

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