Monday, April 7, 2008

Amazon Pulls Web Service Fetch Art Uses

Well, Amazon has disabled Fetch Art starting in April 2008.

You can see their message here.

So in order to get Fetch Art working, I have to migrate to their Web Service 4.0 interface.

It will take some time to migrate the code to the new Amazon Web Services, however, I do plan to work on it ASAP.

Thanks for your support!


Stefan said...

Keep up the good work man

bobbyb said...

HELP...Need that Amazon fix soon...Thanks....B

bobbyb said...

PS....Can you send me an email when Amazon fix is done?????

Mademoiselle Dubai said...

please, you got to register with itunes to get free of charges album covers... what if you don't live or don't own a bank account in one of these country?

antonio.tar said...

When the new version for Amazon 4.0 is available approximately? Thx,,, and good work!