Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update Coming Soon

Ok so iTunes 10.2 broke Fetch Art. The good news is I've been able to find the source of the bug. I have to make changes to several parts of the code as well as add logic to still work with older iTunes (I experimented with a quick fix and it worked for 10.2 but broke Fetch Art for any older versions of iTunes.) This should only take me a couple more days but I might not make my deadline of Monday March 20th for release. That's still my goal but I thought I'd be a little closer to the final fix by now. I'll keep updating the information here and have a new release soon. BTW might be a good time for feedback... do you think I should release Fetch Art in the Mac OS X App store, and if so for free or for a small fee?


eddietec said...


Thank you so much for the app. Personally, I think you can add it in the Store... a lot of people will enjoy it, I have discovered a lot of new ones and each day is like to go for safari :)

About to be free or pay, I think the current one can be free, but if you add some more "pro" features, you can ask for a small fee, for example, support several sources (including google/bing match), improve UI.

One more time, thank you so much!

Mr. Steve said...

Unless for some reason the update will *require* Snow Leopard to work, I'd hope that you keep the release available outside the App Store so that non-SL users (some of us are holding out for Lion at this point) can get in on the action also. I enjoy your app and hope that you'll keep it going. Thanks.

I agree with eddietec on the free vs. pay question.

Aric said...

I missed my self imposed Monday deadline so give me another couple days. Regarding making it available on the App Store I would still make a free version available here for people who don't have Snow Leopard. I try to support older Macs as best as I can.

Borisio said...

Make it by donation, I like to give as much as i get use out of it.