Monday, December 19, 2011

Fetch Art 2.6 stopped working November 2011

Amazon once again changed the calls I have to make into their servers to get album art. The change went into effect at the end of October. From that point on Fetch Art 2.6 (the current version) and any previous version will not function.

I plan on updating Fetch Art to support the new calls but I ran into the problem with the latest XCode no longer supporting PowerPC Macs. I'd like to keep PowerPC support but will have to try to get the older XCode up an running again in order to even compile a new version of Fetch Art.

I'll keep you posted of my progress here.

Let me know how important PowerPC support is in the comments.


Steve Hoge said...

Embedding artwork in iTunes tracks USED to require reading PICT files from offset 513. In iTunes 10.5.1 'm able to read .jpg files directly:

set theArt to read (POSIX file "/Users/me/album.jpg") as picture
set data of artwork 1 of theTrack to theArt

Does this have anything to do with your issue?

Airon said...

Hmmm, I know that you seem like a genuinely good person, but think more about all the people that have newer computers vs. old ones, and even though you don't want to leave the power pc users in the cold, probably more intel users are suffering.

Why not just create two programs, but seriously start with the newer code if you can. OR... try and process the art through other sources such as google or Last FM. If you need any coding assistance, I have a friend who is a famous music software programmer and I will introduce you to him. But I dont' want to reveal his identity or email here publicly.

Airon said...

He is willing to help, and like you, a nice person. Which may the reason that you might still be working with a power pc mac. I understand completely and always shoot myself in the foot, because I get more inspired by doing things for free to help people, like Steve Wozniak. But comes a time when we all need to be a little more like Steve Jobs. Until the fascist credit/debt regime gets replaced by intelligent sharing networks.

Anonymous said...

This was a nice app, I hope you fix it.
I know many people would pay for it

Andy said...

Power PC? Forget it! Might as well make Fetch Art compatible with the Commodore 64

Airon said...

We miss you! Where did you go? Did you get a job or something? I want to asssist you in this but need a direct contact via email or chat et.

ARHSMACdude said...

All Macs prior to 2008 won't be able to support Mountain Lion, so, this means that all macs that are over 4 years old are obsolete. in short, that would mean that supporting PowerPC Macs wouldn't make much sense anymore. I don't ever use my old iBook, but I would like to see an updated version in the near future!

Lucas said...

PowerPC support is soooo worth keeping… at least ’til the recession’s over?

nycynik said...

I dont have a powerpc, but I do know some people who do. My oldest mac, playing music is my mac mini- stil lintel tho.

I think you could drop PPC, you need some better usage stats ;) maybe a registration page, or anonymous poll.

Alex zender said...

This blog is very cool!

Carlos Allen
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leo said...

thank you for still suporting PPC !! ;-)