Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Beta Version Compatible with Intel Macs!

Well, here it is. The first version that brings compatibility to Intel based Macs.

This is the 1.3.1 release. I'm releasing it as a public beta. You can download it here.

PowerPC and Intel users, please report back to me successes or problems.

Thanks again to all who donated to make this happen!


Gary said...

I just tried installing it on an iMac G5 with a PowerPC processor and was told that it didn't run on this architecture.

Aric said...

I tested it on my G4 and it worked ok. I don't own a G5. I want to understand, the installer said it couldn't install or the application installed, but then when you tried to run it it said it couldn't run? I've disabled any code that tried to detect the CPU.

Gary said...

It seemed to install OK, but when I went to open it there was a "no entry" (circle with a diagonal line) sort of pictogram over it in my Finder Window. I clicked on it anyway and got that error message.

I then deleted all the files I could find associated with Fetch Art and tried to reinstall the older version, but when I downloaded it and ran the installer, the installer said there was "nothing to install". So now I'm doubly out of luck. Fortunately I hadn't tinkered with the version on my PowerBook.

Aric said...

Ok. I'd like to debug this with you. I'll probably need to create a beta/debug version for you. This is something I'd rather email to you and not release in public until we've found the issue. It's most likely a problem with the installer. If you could email me at so I could send you an email with a beta/debug version, we'll try to sort this out. I clicked on your blogger profile but you have it set to private. Thanks.

Aric said...

I've been able to recreate the problem you described Gary. It is a problem with the 1.3.1 installer, however, I haven't found a fix yet. So I've made the 1.3.0 version available. It works fine on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

geraldchouinard said...

I just tried installing v 1.3.1 it on my macbook intel and i get "error 10661" whenever i click on the Fetch Art menu. What does it mean? OS 10.4.10, Itunes7.