Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fetch Art 2.1 Released, Adds iTunes 7.7.1 Support

I've just released a new version of Fetch Art.  This is the first "non-Beta" release in the 2.x series.

CHANGES in version 2.1.0:
1) Modified the code to fix a bug introduced by Apple in iTunes 7.7.1. Now this works with iTunes 7.7.1.
2) Added more logic in constructing the query to Amazon to improve search accuracy.
3) Amazon changed some behaviors with empty keywords, I've eliminated the existence of empty keywords in the search.
4) Prioritized album art so that it should find the correct album art before single releases. Earlier versions were returning singles instead of the album.

You can download it here: DOWNLOAD 2.1

NOTE:  For the first 10 hours after this post, the download was still pointing to an installer that installed the older 2.0.0 version.  I've fixed that now.  If you are still getting errors in Fetch Art, check to make sure you have the latest 2.1.0 version.


Davide Zanotti said...

Well done, it works perfectly ;)

Will said...

yes, had one track that was problematic, but otherwise much improved for 7.7.1!

I have a question about art size; I've been going through many tracks to get or re-get art, and have noticed since 2.0 that the album art has been adding a large size to my library (i would guess an average of ~100k per song that i have re-scanned using Fetch Art today - roughly +100mb to my library after scanning about 1000 songs)

is fetch art grabbing larger art on average since amazon was changed? are the old art files being replaced but not removed?

anything i can do to clean up my library nicely? (other than remove ALL art and rescan)

great program, surprisingly, one of a kind!

Will said...

good news! found a fix.
the problem was the ipod was syncing withough optimizing the newly added artwork.
to squeze down the art size (by about half on the ipod)
go to ipod > music > uncheck 'display album art on ipod', apply/sync, recheck it, and apply/sync.
it will process all artwork and generate optimized versions for ipod display now

postonly said...

I just downloaded v2.1.0 and I have iTunes 7.1.1 (11), and when I tell fetch art to add the artwork to iTunes I get the following:

iTunes had an error. Parameter error. (-50)

Then fetch art will not close. I have to Force Quit the app.

Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks!!

Aric said...

Hi postonly...

I'd like to work on this error with you. So far only two people have reported problems with the latest version and I've gotten lots of reports of it working fine.

I have a debug version that writes out a log file. It runs a bit slower, but it might help us find the problem. If you email me at I'll give you a link where you can download it, then send me the log file after you get the error.

Scooter said...

Is v1.2.7 still available (for Panther 10.3.9)???????

Aric said...

scooter, since Amazon shut down their older Web Services, any Fetch Art version prior to 2.0 will not work anymore. :-(

Anonymous said...

just found this app on it sounded really cool cuz i got a lot of songs w/ artwork... but i'm a little slow on the uptake - how does it work?! if you would point me to the right place i'd much appreciate it

Alice said...

Hi there.

I was wondering if Fetch Art works for songs that are ONLY on your ipod? My old Mac stopped working and a friend gave me one he wasn't using, but the HD is only 60GB so 90% of the music on my ipod is NOT on my hard drive itself.

I have tried it but I get this error:

Itunes got an error. Can't track 1 of 1 item of every library playlist of item one of every source whose database ID of it = 10153. (-1728).

Am I going to have to copy my music from my external HD over to the computer HD in order to get the album art? =/

Aric said...

Alice, Unfortunately iTunes will not let an application modify the music sitting on the iPod. It has to modify it on your computer then sync the data to the iPod.