Friday, September 12, 2008

Fetch Art 2.1 Verified iTunes 8.0 Compatible

As soon as iTunes 8.0 was released I started testing Fetch Art 2.1 with it.

The latest version of Fetch Art is compatible with iTunes 8.0.

Often updates to iTunes will require Fetch Art be updated.  Thankfully that isn't the case this time.



karlf said...

hi aric excellent work on fetch art, made my itunes much more colorful! unfortunately i'm having one error. the program keeps closing when there are over three albums, even tough there are less than 300 songs which ws your advised maximum. there is no consistency in why fetch art is closing. any clues? i'm using the latest itunes.tnx well done once again

Tristan Brotherton said...

Hi, I am also getting this error "appscript -50". I can't update more than two albums, and even then sometimes it fails.
Anything I can do to help?


Hi Aric,

Just a small suggestion. Discovered the app on Version Tracker and it seems people are clamoring for more 'HELP' I don't really know if it's needed since I've just downloaded (thank you) so my suggestion is check the site and perhaps post some additional info?

Terje said...

It´s not finding any songs, I currently have itunes open, and it says it only found 1 song, while my library has a lot.

Is it my new itunes version which is incompatible?

Aric said...

FetchArt was designed to do batch downloads. In iTunes you can hold down the shift or command keys and select multiple tracks before launching FetchArt and it will grab all of them. In fact, select only a playlist (instead of a track) and it will get art for the whole playlist.

In general I recommend keeping the number of tracks at a time below 500 or so. After 300 FetchArt starts slowing down. So if you have 10,000 songs in your library, don't try to download for your whole library at one time. You can experiment with more, but get a feel for how long a 300 or 500 download takes before doing a 1,000 song download.

Yeah, I know I really need to post a step by step tutorial with instructions. It's on my "todo list"


Ben said...

I had a quick question if you dont mind, but first, thanks for SUCH AN AMAZING PROGRAM ARIC!!

Sometimes when I am runnign Fetch Art it brings up an error that says "end of file error" or something of the sort on certian songs. It seems that no matter what I do these mp3 files will not hold album art, even if I try to add manually. What is worse is Fetch Art wont close when it gets this error, it just sits there and i have to force quit it (even though its running fine, just wont do anything) and then reopen it and close it to clear the cache of downloaded album artwork.

Does anyone know what the problem is or how to keep this from happening?

Wild said...


This product sounds amazing but I can't get passed the installation process.

I have a PowerBook G4 running OSX 10.4.11 and iTunes 8.0.1.

When I open up the installer and I finally enter my authentication, it then says "there were errors trying to install the software / please try installing again."

I've tried opening iTunes, searching for previous versions etc. Am I just to be an outcast or is there something I can do differently? I've tried deleting and downloading fetchart 2.1 from multiple sources but always have the same result.

Thanks for any advice you have.

Wild said...

Disregard my comment. I rebooted and reinstalled and it works. WOO HOO!

jb510 said...

First a big thanks for this!

Not sure where to leave feedback so I thought I'd do it here.

#1) The program seems to greatly favor song titles for finding album art, even when I have a clear album name it could use. Album art obviously should come first from the album title?

#2 Ideally the dialog box would have three check boxes next to each song title "Clear" "Apply New" "Keep Existing". Keep Existing would be checked for default if artwork already existed.

#3 It would be fabulous if we had the abilty to re-search or control what gets used to search. When something completely wrong comes up there is no way to "resolve" it.

Instructions would really help. Do images apply to all songs of an album or just songs highlighted when Fetch was run? etc...

jb510 said...

Sorry, one more suggestion. Show the album artwork much bigger (ideally 1:1). It's impossible to read titles from album covers to verify they are correct.

Deneme said...

Hi Aric,
Great script, thank you.
I have a very large library (about 100K) and thousands of already downloaded artwork. But they are not in my iTunes Library. Is there a way to use the artwork on my computer? Re-downloading with FetchArt 500 by 500 will take too long, I tried to make larger downlaods with no success...
Please help.

Jens said...

Hi there,

Looks like a great app, but I can't get passed the install. I get this error:

"Finder got an error: Can't get alias 'Macintosh HD:Users:elmerhansen:Library:Application Support:".

Any ideas?

porg said...

It seems that FetchArt crops the white frame from the Amazon Artwork Pictures.

I guess you decompress, crop, recompress.

Hence I want to let you know that it is also possible to crop JPEGs in a lossless manner, if you cut exactly along the MCU (Minimum Coded Unit) blocks (usually 8x8 or 16x16 pixels). The jpegtran library allows it. See

Aric said...

I do have to convert it to a different format to pass to iTunes but I assure you I do not crop or edit the JPEG in any way.

Anonymous said...

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Noel said...

I noticed someone else had trouble with a "parameter error (-50)" when Fetch Art tried to send the retrieved art to itunes. When the error occurs, Fetch Art locks up. I was getting the same issue, but just with a few albums, strangely, all by the same band, ISIS. All other artists/albums in my library have worked fine.
Thanks for the good program!

MrMercury said...

Fetch Art doesn't find the "Image" and wants me to "Choose Application"! All Software is up to date and Image should be integrated in MacOSX ...I have no idea what to do.

I used Fetch Art a lot with Tiger but it doesn't work on my new Leopard System :-(