Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fetch Art 2.5.4 Released

Ok, so the installer still has some issues.

I've tested this on iTunes 9 and 8, and Mac OS X 10.5.8 on Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Let me know if you have anymore problems.


Dominik said...

I just noticed Fetch Art the other day when 2.5.4 was released.
When trying it with my mp3s it did have false positives a couple of times, but I guess that is to be expected.
However it seems that it can't find anything when you use


Brian Morgan said...

I've downloaded and installed on iMac8,1 using OSX 10.6.1 and iTunes 9 (70). To make it work with highlighted tunes I have to quit and restart FetchArt. Is this correct?

Mike said...
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M. said...

Hi, I got this :
iTunes got an error: Parameter error. (-50)
What should I do ?
(iTunes 9.0 / Leopard 10.5.7)
Thanks for your answer.

Dennis said...

I am running 10.6.1, Itunes 9.0.1, whatever the 15 inch current macbookpro is, It worked and then the window just vanished, no errors, nothing in the console logs. Restarted ran again and it worked. Really wish it gave me something error wise so I could give you the log.

Woodrow said...

I installed Fetch Art 2.5.4 on my Mac G5 2.7 duo. I get an AppleScript error "The variable result is not defined. (-2753)". Any idea what this is trying to say?

Anonymous said...

I have a MacBook 5,1 with os x 10.6.1 german with itunes 9.0.1.(9) and when I start Fetch Art 2.5.4 I get the error 'apple script error: itunes got an error: unknown object type. (-1731)'

and in the concole this one

13.10.09 17:37:12 [0x0-0x6a06a][744] Tue Oct 13 17:37:12 xxx-macbook.local iTunes[744] Error: kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGSGetWindowBounds: NULL window

regards marc

brian said...

Sadly Fetch Art has not worked on my Leopard installation with ITunes 9 and the new version makes no difference.

Robert said...


Thanks for the great program. One problem though, the only way I can get your program to work on the next selected song is to quit and restart. When I hit clear it only clears the artwork, not the song title from the Fetch Art Song window.

Is it correct that I need to quit and restart the program every time I have a new artwork to find?



Štěstíčko said...

I also wonder how program is suposed to work. Have I restart it every time I want to dl new group? Tedious. It is working fine but that is weird. Any answer?

Robert said...

That is the only way I have been able to get it to work....very tedious.

Also, every 10th group or so the program locks up and I have to do a force quit on it. Makes it even more tedious.

brian said...

I've now given up on Fetch Art as it's more reliable to search on Amazon and copy the image manually. Sad as it was a great little appfor a long time.

Aric said...

Hi all, I'm getting caught up on these comments. Things have been really busy lately, so I'm a bit behind. First response here... @Robert

When you say you have to use quit and restart to get it to go to the next song... I'm not totally following you. I never use the clear button much. If you don't select a track in Fetch Art, when you say copy the art to iTunes it won't copy art for that track. Just don't select the ones you don't want to copy over.

Aric said...

Another comment from the author... yes if you have done a download with Fetch Art and you want to select new songs in iTunes and do a new download the best way to get Fetch Art to grab the new list of art is to quit it and then relaunch it after you have chosen the music. I am considering adding a reload/refresh button or something similar so you don't have to quit. A while ago I had it do an auto update but that actually caused more problems as it would as iTunes for information too often and slow things down a lot.

Robert said...

No, actually what I mean is this.

Say I load 100 songs to find art for..then I fetch the art and now I'm done and want to select 100 new songs and add them to Fetch Art. There doesn't seem to be a way to either load the new 100 songs and/or to clear the old 100 songs. The clear button only seems to clear the artwork not the song list in Fetch Art.

The only way I have found to do this is to quit the program and restart it, then the song list window in Fetch Art is empty and I can now bring in the next 100 songs from iTunes.

By the way, I am using the 100 songs number just as an example. I have the same problem whether it be one song, 20 songs or 200 songs.

Thanks for your program and your help.


Gavin said...

Just began using Fetch Art for the first time. It finds a lot of stuff that iTunes doesn't. Program very easy to use. Pleased with results.

Q1. I have some Japanese albums which it can't find so I set Preferences to 'Amazon Japan' and it still fails even though I can manually find artwork there. In Preferences it is listed as but actual site is Is this why it fails? It doesn't seem to be able to find anything at all on when set to

Q2. Can Fetch Art also search for cover artwork for singles as well?

Jacob said...

hi. i wanted to use fetch art to get album artwork without signing in to itunes store. however, I got some problems:

1. when I made FA get album artwork i couldnt choose from results, but was only presented with ONE artwork, I couldn't change anymore. this is a problem, when FA finds artwork that is low res or patched with stickers or something...

2. the above problem made me move FA to the Trash, but somehow the FA Icon in the iTunes tray won't disappear.


Frank said...

I receive an error : AppleScript Error
iTunes got an error: End of file.(-39) when trying to copying Art ti iTunes. That does not happen everyt time, but if so, I have Force Quit FetchArt.
Any idea ?
Thanks in advance

Alice said...

Please GOD make this program for PC! My Mac has died and I only have a PC left and all the programs for PC are AWFUL and useless. You really have made the best program there is. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a PC version!

tingo said...

Hello, thanks for making this - it is a great addon to iTunes.
It doesn't seem that anybody has mentioned this before so here goes: if there is only one tune in the Fetch Art window when I select "Copy To iTunes" (or use Apple-T), I get an AppleScript Error ("iTunes got an error. Parameter error. (-50)" ), and after that I have to Force Quit Fetch Art. I am using Fetch Art 2.5.4 with iTunes 8.0.2 on a Mac Mini G4 (PowerPC) running OS X 10.4.11. Hope this helps.

Amiga said...

10.6.2 | iTunes 9.0.3 | Fetch Art 2.5.4 - Fetch Art now only applies album art to the first selected song, of many selected songs. Possibly a bug introduced with the new iTunes 9.0.3?

Fetch Art worked fine under the previous version of iTunes, 9.0.2.

Aric said...

Interesting Amiga. I've been swamped at work the past few weeks, we've got a big software release soon but I'll try to get to this next week.

tingo said...

Ok, I found another "bug" in Fetch Art 2.5.4; if there is a norwegian character 'ø' (oe) or 'Ø' (OE) in song title, I get the following error when Fetch Art tries to copy the artwork to iTunes; "Applescript Error - iTunes got an error: Parameter error. (-50)". I have: iTunes 8.6.2, Mac Mini G4, OSX 10.4.11.

Aric said...

Amiga please make sure you've selected all or use the command-T or the menu Fetch Art->Copy All Art to iTunes. I believe you only have the first item selected when you are telling it to copy to iTunes. You need to select all first or use command-T

Aric said...

Thanks tingo. That's great feeback. I've really tried to make it handle all characters and will work on ø next!

charlyschnee said...


I love the App, first one I found doing a real great job!!

anywhere there are two suggestions I would like to make:

1. can you enhance the App so it can handle more Files at once ( I would like to get the covers of 6000 Titles).

2. There is no button to refresh the choise I made in iTunes, or did I miss it?

Thanks a lot
Greatings from Hamburg (Germany)


Miranda McKennitt said...

I get an error and application fails to do anything -- after I press Continue after Fetch Art gets my iTunes selection (about 1000 songs) - it is "The variable result is not defined (-2753)". iTunes 9.1 (79) on Mac OS X 10.4 (latest, PPC). What did I do wrong?

jack said...

I get an error, basically its "Unsupported major.minor version 49.0" think its a Java Script error as I have recently updated Java to 1.4.2_09 - is this the problem and if so is your next update gonna resolve this? thanks in advance. Jack

3goldens said...

I get this error:
iTunes got an error: Network file permission error. (-5000)

Jay Dub said...

How do I remove the Fetch Art icon and everything from itunes?

Paul said...

Love the app! Here's a couple I thought I'd pass on though.

1. After Copy to iTunes is clicked, any songs that don't exist generate the following and the Fetch Art app hangs.

AppleScript Error iTunes got an error: Parameter error. (-50)

I know I should take them them out of the list prior to running Fetch Art, but this helps me find the missing songs! lol

2. I'd like to be able to do more than 500 songs w/o an error/nag.

3. I'd like to be able to autoupdate the Album name if possible as well as autocorrect any minor misspellings. :)


andrewpreader said...

Thanks for the program. Have just started using it and thought to change the preferences for - it seems to work and says that it is downloading the album art, but in fact the image box stays blank - maybe the same problem as Domink reported for .de

Works fine with - but the artwork on .com is not always correct for UK purchases.
10.6.4 on Intel Mac
iTunes 9.2.1.

ian said...

just downloaded 2.5.4. After having it search for artwork, when I try to add to iTunes, i get an apple script error (-50) and it does nothing, just hangs there. Have to force quit to get out.

qb said...
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qb said...

MacPro Quad Core, 10GB RAM, 64-bit mode, 10.6.4 and iTunes 10.0.1, Fetch 2.5.4

FA does what it claims but a few quirks / GUI changes I would suggest.

- wish I could select far more than 500 tracks: my library has 372,284 tracks most of which I need to add artwork to. Recently got a car radio that shows covers art so I'm attempting to do that. FA complains if more than 500 are selected and won let me run it.

- With 500 or less tracks it searches and downloads Cover art for what it can of the tracks. However I don't want to look through the list and see which albums it did NOT find art and select only those it DID find. So I CMD-A and click Copy to iTunes and every time it hits a track it does not have art for it barfs a message "Error Reading File.... jpg.pict". I have to click OK for each and every missing art. Why cannot it just ignore this and keep going. Or give me an "OK ALL" button?

- Given the above message may appear 100 times I've tried pre-pressing the "Return" key dozens of times. It works except when the process is done one of my extra "Returns" is the same as clicking the "Copy to iTunes" button again so the whole process starts over!!! One very simple fix would be if you would remove the act of "Return" being the same as clicking the "Copy to..." button. Arrggg...

guess those 3 are it for now...


EC said...

my first impressions were: great software - easy install, works nice, finds many covers that iTunes can't find!

now after several days of use suddenly I got an apple Script Error -1728 (iTune got an error: Can't get fixed indexing (-1728).

I guess it has not directly to do with Fetch art BUT i can't use Fetch Art any longer. Could you help with a hint? (OS X10.6.6, iTunes 10.1.1 )

Savonarola said...

Hi, great software!!!!

Unfortunatly since iTunes upgrade to version 10.2 I get thi error:

"applescript error
itunes got an error type 206 has occurred"

Someone can help me? :(

bmxbandit1997 said...

i agree script error on 10.2 heeellllppp.

bmxbandit1997 said...

imac, snow leopard, 10.2 i tunes if it helps. error 206.

Aric said...

YEP, verified. iTunes 10.2 breaks Fetch Art. I'm working on a fix but it might be a week or two depending on my work schedule. Thanks for the heads up (10.2 was a minor update so I didn't test this release, for the major revisions of iTunes I always test Fetch Art as soon as iTunes is updated.) I will post updates as I find out more about this change:

künstler treu said...

i'm getting "type -116" as an error