Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Fetch Art 2.5.3 Released

Changes this version:
  • Fixed the preferences to actually save what you choose.
  • Rebuilt the installer from scratch. Hopefully this will end the occasional installation issue that has been reported.
  • Improved handling for extended unicode characters in song names. If you get any errors related to accents or special characters, please take a screen shot and report it to me.
  • Improved automated version checking. It should notify you if a new version is available.


    Anonymous said...
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    Aric said...

    Thanks for the heads up. The installer was linked to a development version of the app instead of the release version. I've release a new 2.5.4 version that should fix those two issues.

    James said...

    Hi - Fetch Art is great, thanks for developing it, I use it all the time. However, since iTunes was recently updated to 10.2 my FetchArt has stopped working - reports an "error 206". Any advice?